I can not thank you enough for the beautiful work you did for my daughter. Working as a dental hygienist for many years, I know what is possible, and you seemed to do the impossible! Her smile is AMAZING and she couldn't be happier. She always hated her teeth and even after braces, the result was not the best because of the color and shape of her teeth. You worked so well coordinating treatment plans with the orthodontist. When he was done, the bleaching treatment and bonding that you did were beyond my wildest dreams. Her smile could be in a toothpaste commercial! You are truely an artist and I thank you so much. Further, you and your staff are a delight and it is a pleasure coming to your office.

Sincerely, Donna L., Parkland

If you go to Suze Orman’s website: www.SuzeOrman.com, and click on her “Scrapbook Album” link at the top, then on the most recent scrapbook for April, 2009: http://www.suzeorman.com/scrapbookalbums/Apr2009.html, keep flipping through the photos until about the 6th pg! And voila: there you have it!! Imagine that…

Dear Doctor: Several years ago I asked my Florida endodontist to recommend a dentist to replace one who just retired. Withour hesitation he suggest that I contact you. Now, after several years after being your patient, I can safely say that it was a wise choice.

You have demonstrated to me and the rest of my family who are now your patients, a high degree of professionalism, your great attention to every detail, and highest quality of your work.

Nothing demonstrates your approach to dentistry better than my flying from New York to Florida just to have you take care of my dental problem.

With my kindest regards,

Tad B. , New York

Dr. Gerard is simply the finest dentist I have encountered. His attention to detail and patient consideration is second to none. The dental veneers were one of the best decisions I have ever made. They were truly perfection.


Ian H. , Boca Raton

Dear Dr. Gerard:

I have been to many dentists in my lifetime but none have inspired me to write a note of praise, until now, that is.

I came to you with teeth that showed the wear and tear of age. With your expertise you converted them into natural looking beauties for which I get many compliments. When I visited my 17 year old granddaughter for the first time after you finished, the first thing she said to me was “Grandma, what beautiful teeth”.

Your attention to detail. Your eye for perfection has made my smile a testimonial to your artistry and skill.

However, I would be remiss if I did not mention your wonderful staff. Always pleasant and welcoming. It is a pleasure to walk into the office.

Please accept my sincere thanks and appreciation for all of the above as well as your patience and understanding. I look forward to many more years of your caring.

Your grateful patient,

Lenora B., Boynton Beach

I am thrilled with my new bridge. Dr. Gerard is a top-notch professional, as is each member of his staff. When my husband and I first came to Dr. Gerard, our teeth were in bad shape. Through careful planning, preparation and detailed execution, Dr. Gerard was able to restore our dental health and give us smiles that are absolutely beautiful. My family only trusts Dr. Gerard and his staff with our dental care.

Susan H., Plantation FL

I was referred to Dr. Gerard by a friend after a bad experience with restorative work performed by another dentist. Upon meeting Dr. Gerard and his staff I immediately had a sense that they genuinely cared about correcting my smile. Dr. Gerard took the time to fully explain to me the work to be completed and answered all of my questions. After the initial consultation I was confidant that I had found the right dentist for the job. The work has since been completed and my smile has been completely restored. I look like myself again; it is as if I never had any work done.

Dr. Gerard is truly an artist and has an extremely critical eye. He is a perfectionist in every sense of the word. He has been willing to go the extra mile to make my smile look 100% natural. I cannot thank him enough for the work he has done on my smile. After having had a bad experience in the past, Dr. Gerard has fully restored my faith in dentists. He comes with my highest regards and respect.

Peter B.

Comment: Some of Dr. Gerard's sovereign attributes:

. Skill - If Michelangelo were hiring, Dr. Gerard would get the position. Seriously, it's an art to him, not just a job.

. An Honest Minimalist - He's not an alarmist and doesn't drive a tack in with a sledgehammer (if ya' get my drift). Ex: "Dr. Gerard, do I have time on this?" "Yes, Benjamin."

. Consultation, Clarity, & Treatment Plan - he weaves a coherent tale (based on x-rays and an exam) then recommends a path of least resistance without compromising integrity. He answers thoroughly, and on levels friendly to your degree of understanding.

. Chair-Side Manner - he's an affable, unchallenged sweetheart and loans justice to his profession.

. Lastly, I am from NY and only fly on rare occasions (I don't care for it). I have "rolled" down & back on Amtrak to place my trust in Dr. Gerard. This trip never falls short of 26-hours, ONE WAY! I have several more appointments on the calendar, in which, again, I am expected to train down. Do I really need to complete the inference?

With Reverence - Benjamin Vaccaro (New York)

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