Smile Makeover Quiz

What concerns you most?


Are your teeth yellowing from coffee, tea, colas, red wine or tobacco and you'd love to get them white again?


It's often as easy as in-office or at-home tooth whitening to permanently remove decades of yellow stain.


Have your teeth shifted, chipped, become uneven?  Would you love to finally have a beautiful smile you can be proud of?


Boca Raton's premiere cosmetic dentist, Dr. Gerard routinely achieves dazzling results with the most complex cosmetic and prosthetic reconstructions, utilizing veneers, crowns, bridges and dental implants.  By following a "restorative-driven" protocol, Doctor and patient determine treatment goals together and can essentially view the end result even before beginning treatment.  Along the way, patients are given ample opportunity and are encouraged to provide feedback to the Doctor so that the final results are predictable, consistent and satisfying.


Are your old silver fillings breaking down, or leaking, exposing your teeth to hidden decay?


These can easily be replaced with bonded toothcolored fillings which not only look great, but strengthen the teeth as well.




                                     "When It Has To Be Perfect"...



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