Before and After Photos



An old silver amalgam and a failing

composite filling, isolated with a rubber dam

Naturally occurring spaces can be corrected

with Direct Composite Bonding 

Small chip quickly repaired with

Direct Composite Bonding 

Gum Recession - pt patient chose not to have this

corrected with surgical grafting



Jenn was not happy with her smile: her face is 

otherwise gorgeous and the imperfections in her

smile really bothered her


Look how much better her smile looks!








                         What a gorgeous smile!









 Here's another example of conservative composite

bonding: the 2 teeth on his upper right being out of align-

ment really bothered this patient...






 ... in a single visit, without any anaesthesia,

we were able to correct the appearance of this crowding.



Properly placed replacement Bonded Composite

fillings: the rubber dam must always be used

Direct Composite Bonding: notice how, in addition

to closing the big space, the edges of the lateral

incisors were also corrected

Direct Composite Bonding 



Gum Recession - in a single visit, the areas were

covered and protected with direct composite

This is also a 'before' image: notice the edge of the lateral

incisor slants up and her 1st premolar is positioned in

and has dropped down



This was accomplished by strategically adding matching

tooth-colored composite resin to the teeth - no tooth

structure was removed to accomplish this!







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